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🌐 13 Chapters Study Guide
🤓 2000+ Practice Qs
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📝 Full Mock Exam
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📘 Digital Top 150 Drugs Booklet
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Top 150 Drugs and Vet Tech Techniques Booklet

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20 pages of the best summary for school and externships! Top 150 drugs summary + Lab Values + Cat and Dog Dentitions + Calculation. 
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CleverOrcaVT is an amazing tool when studying for the VTNE. With study guides, quizzes and mock exams, this site has everything you need to study and pass!
Jordan Thompson
Penn Foster College
So far I am enjoying the program. Has been very informative especially in the area of anesthesia. Thank you so much for creating this program and giving me the opportunity to use it. 
Faith Yohannan
Ashworth College
CleverOrcaVT is great! The way it is broken down and organized really makes it easy to work with and understand. I love the overviews and questions after each section. CleverOrcaVT is 10/10!
Melody Rose Catanese
Long Island University

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Topics mapped to the VTNE Blueprint

NEW Chapter: Communications and Veterinary Professional Support Services 🌟


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The material is very organized. There are many illustrations, especially for the lab procedures. I had many questions regarding the test, and CleverOrca answered them promptly.

It includes many quizzes to test your knowledge and study deep strategies – how to study and memorize all the information. There are simulation tests (mocks) with timer mode, just like the real test.

I highly recommend CleverOrcaVT. It’s a helpful and fun way to study!

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